Month: May 2014

Enhanced Equity Release Unlocked

Where are the Aussie Innovators?

The Australian Government has a role to play in the development of an efficient and ethical Equity Release market, in Australia.

It’s time for some leadership on Retirement Funding!

Enhanced equity release unlocked | Features | Mortgage Strategy.

UK Regulator wants to see more innovation on lending into retirement |

FCA wants to see more innovation on lending into retirement | News | Mortgage Strategy.

Australia needs more innovation in Retirement Funding Products… What is our National Regulator doing to encourage this? ASIC needs to step up!

Banking on the family home for aged care – AHURI

As Australian Government spending on health, age pensions and aged care services is projected to double to around half of all Government spending over the next 40 years, the wealth in the family home may need to be taken into account …

AHURI Evidence Review 052: Banking on the family home for aged care – AHURI.

Money Smart | National Financial Literacy Strategy

Find the Senior's Financial Literacy Plan?

Find the Senior’s Financial Literacy Plan?


The ASIC Approach to Planning

The ASIC Approach to Planning

Despite hosting a National Forum in April last year and conducting a Consultation Process in September 2013… The National Financial Literacy Strategy for 2014-17 is yet to be announced! Home | National Financial Literacy Strategy.

See if you can find the plan for improving Senior’s Financial Literacy in ASIC’s “Where’s Wally” cartoon (it’s in Focus Session 3 somewhere).